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Being one of the finest heroes on Earth can be an overstatement for Clinton Francis Barton, growing up getting beaten by your alcoholic father can really make or break you as a person. But Clint with his brother Barney may have thought otherwise.

After their parents unfortunate death, both were transferred to an orphanage but made a life and taking it in the highway. They soon came across a travelling circus and found themselves working as performers just to get something to eat and survive. Clint had a great eye and was trained by two Masters, Trick Shot and Swordsman. The former gave Clint the marksmanship of an archer while the latter gave the boy athleticism and dexterity with knife throwing.

Soon after, a robbery was in place and Clint was able to find out it was one of his liege, he was bribed but did not take the money. He left the circus with a heavy heart thinking that his heroes were frauds. Later on, he came back after Barney finally convinced him stay but his performance was not well received by audiences, there he met Iron Man while stopping an accident and was inspired to be his hero.

He moved on with life and took the name Hawkeye trying his luck with the world but was even considered the villain while trying to stop a crime. Clint was hesitant to continue this charade but was meant for something better…

One night, he was able to stop muggers and little did he knew that the person being held at gun point was Jarvis. After being rescued, they went straight to the people who Jarvis was working for and finally Hawkeye was accepted as a member of the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Being a member, Hawkeye as he is now called keeps on questioning and bickering with team mates especially with Captain America, he believes that he deserved to be the leader instead. He felt insignificant seeing that the members has powers and far more abilities than he is. Until a time came when he changed the pace, using Yellow Jacket’s serum he was turned into another superhero called Goliath and even saving his long time lover Black Widow.

Over the years, Hawkeye is continuous;y training at his physical peak with the help of  Captain America as well, both even became good friends. His contribution to the team gave him more opportunities to expand his capacity even to the point of leading teams like the West Coast Avengers and the Thunderbolts. But one fateful day struck and left, after one bad incident to another, Hawkeye was one of the few left to fight the Kree in invading Earth, he was shot badly and sacrificed his life by ramming into a ship with a jet pack.

He was soon resurrected from the story arc House of M wherein the Scarlett Witch altered reality and brought him back to life. Without any memories of his past he seeked the help of Dr. Strange and led a different life and alter-ego. He named himself Ronin and helped formed the New Avengers after the tragic Civil War chaos which also left his close friend Captain America seemingly dead.

He helped the team with a new mission to get back at Norman Osborn who blasphemed the Avengers, they were able to defeat the impostor team and even helped saved Asgard from the converted Sentry. Back together with his wife Mockingbird, they formed a new counter terrorist group as Hawkeye finds his next agenda in tracking down his old enemy Crossfire.


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Acquiring a fortune from his parents, billionaire Oliver Jonas Queen was having the time of his life, without any regard for others, he lived just for pleasure!

While on a cruise with colleagues, he was thrown overboard…literally! People neglected the thought that he was still alive. He was washed ashore on an island and became reliant for himself to survive he must become adamant. Using cords from a used aircon, he made use of his extensive training in archery back home. Weeks turn into months, as days pass by he found a small village and no trace of life, until he discovered that they were all brutally murdered by drug smugglers.

Finding courage and fighting for his life, he took them down one by one until a ship came in to port and rounded them up! It was the first time that he felt with an obligation to carry out, absolution and justice was his agenda once he got back home.

Upon arrival in Star City, very outspoken and politically left winged, he used his amassed wealth to campaign for Mayorship and won eventually.  Giving more emphasis on his other persona, he became a crime fighter at night and donning the suit resembling Robin Hood!

His character was even compared to Gotham’s own hero in terms of his M.O. a vigilante at work, with vehicles and even his own signal! He even focused more on arrows that can be used in his everyday duties so to speak, gas arrows, glove arrows, charge arrows and rope arrows! It was here that he got started to be recognized and even got partners to help in his crusade against crime. In time, he became a member of the Justice League and had lots of accolades!

Though another tragedy was set in place where in a fatal mission, the team was against the Eden Corps an eco-terrorist group that would detonate a bomb in Metropolis, Olie sacrificed his life without hesitation. He was replaced by his son Connor Hawke to continue the mantle of Green Arrow!

Years passed and hopes do find its way home, Oliver Queen was destined to become a hero and have another chance at life! His resurrection was organized by his good friend Green Lantern while merged with the Spectre. Still in Hollow form, a body without a soul he was brought in by a man who actually intends to take his body and get hold of a demon from hell but with friends, Hal in good time finally convinced Oliver from Heaven to go back and ward off the incoming demons from the opened gateway. When everything was settled, he got new friends and an apprentice in return.

Back to Justice League and becoming active duty once more, he was given another task. With the help of a newly formed team and Hal and their leader, they set out to capture Prometheus who had Oliver’s granddaughter killed and recently taken the arm off his former sidekick Roy, to make matter’s worse he was teleporting Star City’s into different sects of time. He was in front of a madman destroying everything he cared for, so without no remorse he struck Prometheus down with an arrow…the question is, was it for justice or for revenge?


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Anthony Edward Stark was born to Howard Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell. With a brain like his father’s, Tony as he is called  by many is a genius in the field of mechanical engineering and robotics. Having studied in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at an early age of 15 and garnered 2 Master Degrees in the course of 4 short years, he was able to work in his parents prominent organization Stark Industries which specialized military hardware, research and weapons development.

After a car accident that killed his parents, Tony inherited the business at the age 21. For the lack of sound judgement and management acumen, Tony promoted his Secretary Virginia Pepper Potts to be his Executive Assistant to oversee things that he only find a burden for his own sake and responsibility.

As the company prospered, he was on a trip to one of his plants and to see the latest developments and progress. Upon his arrival, they were attacked by the Wong Chu, a group of terrorists that took all his military hardware. While trying to run away, Tony was hit by a shrapnel of a land mine very near his heart. Soon, they were condemned in a place where he was operated by a fellow prisoner named Yinsen.

Tony woke up with a battery attached to his chest, realizing what he has done, his epiphany of making the world safe from his own misdeeds and lack of responsibility. He was asked by the terrorists to make weapons for them, but instead he made a partnership with Yinsen and they both made an armored suit that can help him maintain the shrapnel to come closer to his heart and at the same time make a way to escape. Seeing an opportunity, Tony gave very precise timing for their escape and with nothing to lose they made a get away except for a mishap. Yinsen gave more time for Tony to get out but without a cost. Eventually, Tony escaped and destroyed the camp!

Soon, he was back in the US soil with the help of James Rhodes, one of his trusted friends. Without hesitation, he stopped all funding and research for the projects of Stark Industries and focused more on a better and appropriate contingency for the organization to prosper.

He developed his Mark 1 suit, the very first armor that changed his life and made a body guard out of him to avoid public scrutiny. Through further modifications and his intellect, Tony made a hero, one of the founding members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers and recently head of Supreme Headquarters Intervention Espionage Law enforcement Division (SHIELD), a government agency that responds to all threats from both local and foreign origins.

Tony Stark is The Invincible Iron Man!


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Life for Wesley Gibson was so underrated, he has a dead-end job, bossed around and had no respect from his peers. He even has a so-called best friend and even adding  insult to injury, this guy sleeps with his girlfriend. He keeps on wondering what kind of a loser he is and if only there was a way out of this pathetic life that he has!

Until he met a Fox…

One day, while trying just to find his only fetish for a sandwich in a local deli, he was acquainted to a woman named Fox telling him that all these things will fade away if he joins their so called Fraternity. After avoiding her, she pulls out her guns and starts shooting everyone in the place. Scrambling with fear, Fox took Wesley and shoved him in the car while telling him what would it be like to do all these horrific deeds without any consequence, without any remorse nor guilt!

Soon he was taken to a hideout and was introduced to Professor Solomon Seltzer, a genius and a father to the American family,  a part of the major supervillain families that originated the Fraternity. The Professor explains to Wesley that a long time ago, he employed someone to be his bodyguard and was named The Killer, it was told he passed away, killed by another assassin and has left a great deal of money to his son…”Wesley, that man was your father!” He carefully instructed that  a huge amount of money will be yours if you follow as you are told. But before reacting, he was asked by the Professor to shoot the flies wings without hurting their bodies, only thing to consider is there is a gun placed at his temple already. Coerced by this notion of violence, Wesley shoots aimlessly at the flies…and succeeded!

Shocked, he ran off going back to his miserable life but with something that started to awaken his killer’s instincts! He came back with tenacity and determination. Training everyday, from target practicing, knife handling, acts of brutality, weapons and tactics. He came to like it and started to own his life a little at a time. One of his objectives though was to kill a person, he started with random people, he even got back to his best friend who is dead by now and left a very unforgiving message to his girlfriend that if she wants to live don’t piss him off! When all has been done, Wesley Gibson was inducted to the Fraternity and was dubbed The Killer!


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Raised from a well-off family, a frail and sickly boy named James Howlett has all he ever needed in life but he has a secret that is hidden well in his genes.

Along with his parents John and Elizabeth, young James lived in the 19th century. Following the death of his elder brother, her mother was institutionalized which left the boy with his 2 playmates Rose a red headed girl and Dog, the son of Thomas Logan the caretaker.

As years pass, the friends grew and still have their friendship. A day came when Dog had untoward advances to Rose which James told his father and with this, Dog killed James pet and thus both were exiled from the estate.

A drunk as he is, Thomas got his shotgun and forced his way in the manor, seeing Elizabeth he told her to come with him and as John was about to stop them, Thomas shot him in cold blood. James was entering the room and with uncontrolled anger and ferocity attacked and killed Thomas while leaving a mark of 3 claws in Dog’s face.

Fearing for their lives, James ran away with Rose as Dog reported to the police of the incident in his own story. The father of John came and took on Dog knowing that he has no more family left with.

James and Rose lived far in British Columbia, while working as a miner James changed his name to Logan to divert any suspicion in the town and protecting Rose as well in the process. They were known as cousins. Soon, Dog as a growing psychopath tracked them, in the streets as the 2 were fighting, Logan got the upper hand and was about to give Dog the final blow when Rose leapt in resulting her impalement from his claws. From then on, Logan was alone as he left the town and was rumored to have lived in the wilderness with wolves.

Having isolated himself from the world, he was soon found in Canada by Department H and with Dr. Cornelius’s heading the experimental program, Logan was imbued with an indestructible element called adamantium with his bones and thus resulting to his indoctrination in the Weapon X assassins group.

His first mission was to battle the Incredible Hulk and further helped the X-Men through Prof. X’s request to recover the original team from the mutant island of Krakoa. He stayed with the X-Men up to the present, even lead the team as a Field Commander. Later on, he also joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers where he encountered the re-assembled team while battling Hydra.

This fierce fighter had so many memories from his jagged and painful past, from being a wild man hunted,  a World War II soldier, a Samurai, a CIA operative, an assassin… and now a raging Wolverine!!!


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New Mexico…

A project for the US Defense Department is taking place, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was assigned to supervise an experimental gamma bomb in the nuclear test facility, a teenager wandered off in the test site. With the countdown taking place, the scientist without hesitation selflessly hurried to save the ignorant teenager.

The countdown ends, as the bomb exploded the scientist had the chance to push the kid into a ditch and in an instant the explosion engulfed his body filling it with enormous energy of the deadly gamma radiation.

Now, certain manifestations are taking place in his cellular structure, from the pains of his past, frustrations and guilt from past sins, whenever anger takes place his physical form bulks up into an enormous mass. At first, he turns into a gray skinned monster at sunset and would revert back to human form at dawn.Incurable, he went on berserk and was branded a menace to society.

To make matters worse, he was hunted down by his wife’s father General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross unrelenting to bring him down for good. Ravaging and destroying everything in it’s path, the military tracked down the green monster across the country.

For a short time, he was trying to find a way to cure himself, through another form of radiation he was able to split the two personas. Seemingly cured, he was able to control the monster within and even helped form the Avengers and granted pardon by the US Government for his deeds.

But it was far from over, at some point he was turning back to become the green menace again, and with the help of psychiatrist Leonard “Doc Samson”, he was captured. Trying hypnosis, he was again split into two thus making another version the street smart “Joe Fixit”, but the separated psyches gave much pain to Bruce, he then further agreed to be merged back only to become “The Professor”, the latest version of his personas.

The on and off separation of Bruce’s mental and physical conditions made him more unpredictable and dangerous. Only to bargain with the three personas would make it possible to find a cure for his tortured mind and soul. He was further accompanied by Rick Jones the teenager from the gamma bomb experiment, feeling guilty for Bruce’s condition, he helps him in his daily endeavors and to search for the cure. Only time will tell whether this menace or hero will be in check. But for now, nothing can stop this “Living Engine of Destruction”.

The Incredible HULK!


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A frail young man passes through a crowd, his name is Peter Benjamin Parker a student and a genius. As piercing words and murmuring “What a geek!” struck him, he doesn’t utter a sound shrugging off the nuisance, he went his way to the science exhibit.

Atomic science, a world where he is given accolades and a feeling of respect and dignity. As the experiment progresses, no one noticed a spider descending from the ceiling towards the reactors, with a split second the arachnid was doused by radioactivity. Leaping towards the closest thing it can access, with its final breath, it bit the student transferring the radioactive energy in its body.

Suddenly, feeling nauseous he decided to go home. Walking down the street a car nearly misses him, as he leapt to safety. He noticed that he was clinging to a wall. To his surprise, he was already scaling the wall with his hands and feet.

Hurrying home, he decided to make a name for himself. He entered a wrestling match with Crusher Hogan and winning unanimously. He even entered into showbiz just to get enough money more so to gain fame as well. Deep down he really wanted to be popular and realizing with the power that he has, he can do anything he wants without the care in the world.

One night after the show, a burglar made his way into the studio, a cop was running after him, the costumed teen just stood there minding his own business. The cop didn’t reach him on time and the fiend escaped through the elevator. “What do I care!” the lad uttered…

Tired, he called it a day. As he was nearing his home, there was a police car in front. As he came to their doorstep, a body was lying on the floor and her Aunt May was crying, a burglar forced his way in and killed his Uncle. With all his anger, he tracked him in an old warehouse. A fight ensued and the culprit was cornered, he removed the mask of the killer and to his surprise, he was familiar with the face from the broadcasting company… the burglar who ran in front of him days ago. He was so grief-stricken and all he ever wanted to do is avenge his Uncle Ben. He just tied the burglar for the police to pick him up. Wanted to be alone, he stayed in a rooftop thinking, he was ashamed from what he had failed to do.

There is always a moral in everyone’s story and with this teenager, he had a gift that he misused without the thought of doing what is proper and just, not just for the people around him but for himself as well. He only wanted to be accepted and more so to be popular, but vanity overwhelmed him and with a price. His Uncle’s death made him realize that “With great power must also come–great responsibility”. Now he must face his problems head on, sacrificing everything that he has just to keep his love ones safe.

And so a hero was born…The Amazing Spider-Man!